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Mandolin Jack

Phoenix In The Ashes Lonesome Road Oil, Grease & Diesel Exile

Mandolin Jack is a songwriter and musician with a history checkered by a range of roles, inputs, jobs & experiences.

In addition to his own songwriting, he actively supports Local Songwriters by presenting a monthly show on CMR Nashville and organising a monthly Writers Round in The Rifleman in Twickenham.
SongWriter Radio With Mandolin Jack
After the demise of the folk-group Frogmorton, in the early 80s he was sharing the singing & songwriting with guitarist (Big) John Evans as part of roots-based London band The Extraordinaires, playing Fender rhodes piano & Korg "hammond" organ.

In the late 80s & throughout the 90s he worked in film & TV special effects, on such classics as children's TV "Tugs", "Saving Private Ryan" & as digital effects technician on "The Bone Collector" to name just three.

For the last 10 or 15 years he has balanced the position of course leader in media in various UK colleges while maintaining a slow-if-steady output of songs. He writes on piano, guitar or mandolin - whichever fits the mood of the song - but the preferred gigging instrument is usually the mandolin which explains the name.

For a couple of years from 2013 on, he was the UK coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) in Roy Acuff Place, Nashville; but more often than not Mandolin Jack's "country" songs are tainted with traces of British folk music, Mississippi blues, Appalachian hillbilly & New York bebop....

There are 3 CDs to date:

The most recent CD "Phoenix In The Ashes" is a 10-song self-produced collection of observations & impressions from that first-time visit to Australia; followed by a long bus, car and Amtrak adventure across the United States during the last days of that heated presidential election in 2016. A time of meeting up with, and saying goodbye to, old friends, new friends & family.

From 2014, there is an EP "Lonesome Road", featuring songs about Tennessee, some recorded in a studio in Nashville with good friend Willi.X.Evans

The first CD from 2009 "Oil, Grease & Diesel" completes the list. All available from Bandcamp

AND there's something new in the pipeline; lots of new songs ...