Lonesome Road


There's a cloud on the horizon
Rain on the wind
I believe I should be leavin'
I'm not sure where to begin

It's a long and a lonesome road
But I won't walk alone
It's a long and a lonesome road
That will lead me back home

There's a shadow at my shoulder
Hesitation in my tread
I'm going to need you here beside me
To guide me through what lies ahead

I'll see my friends; I'll see my family
'Though the way, it may be hard and cold
But sweet, sweet harmony
Will surely help me reach my goal


Last night I took a ride
In my pickup truck
Lookin' for the girl of my dreams
'Fore I run outta luck
Cut her a song in Nashville
"Little Miss Mystery"
She may have heard it on the radio
But there's no guarantee;
Oh, Tennessee, see what you do to me

She was a skinny country girl
Never got a second glance
'Til she wound up in a Memphis bar
Found a brand new way to dance
She shed her inhibitions
In the land of make-believe
Now she's reaching for the stars
At the Smithville Jamboree;
Oh, Tennessee, see what you do to me

She got grit and she got rhythm
In her Southern soul
I fell in love first time I saw her
Wrapped around a dancing pole
I said baby be my inspiration
And I'll be your key
We'll drive to Chattanooga
For our matrimony;
Oh, Tennessee, see what you do to me


There's a sudden wind
And the rain drives down
They say there's more to come,
Rivers swell
And the world is drown'd
But you won't see me run;
I staked my claim
I have you by my side
In spirit and in name
Have no fear, we'll still be standing here
When the storm has gone.

Mountains slide
And cities fall
From Ur to Babylon,
We slip from grace
On our knees we crawl
We pray we may be strong;
Though my body's frail
And though I know the light
Will flicker in the gale
Have no fear we'll still be standing here
When the storm has gone.

And the river calls 'Take me home'
And the wind cries 'Let all before me scatter and run'
But have no fear
We'll still be standing here
When the storm has gone.


I drove into Brownsville
Brownsville, Tennessee
I parked up and walked around
To see what I could see
I met the ghost of Sleepy John
He shook me by the hand
I said, "Why John - you're dead and gone
I don't understand?"

(But he said) I'm just doing the best I can
I'm doing the best I can
Life has it's ups
And has it's downs
I take like a man
I'm doing the best I can

Well, I've seen my life before me
The bitter and the sweet
I have seen how love can turn
In the space of one heartbeat.
But all those girls behind me
They're standing in a line
They smile at me & they all agree
The fault was never mine.

Out here in the dark
It's coming on to rain
I wonder if I'll ever see
My hometown again;
Ten thousand miles behind me
Ten thousand more to go
I've worn out my walking shoes
More times'n I care to know