Mandolin Jack embarked on a few projects during Lockdown .. and they appear to be continuing!

projectsPROJECT #1: First off was a 6-string Lap Steel, idea taken from a 1950s National New Yorker. Any bespoke items were made by hand, which was actually most of it, apart from tuners & pickups. Wiring-practice was carried out upgrading some Telecaster pickups first!

  • piece of ash piece of ash
    The piece of ash
  • cut to shape cut to shape
    The piece of ash cut to shape
  • bridge bridge
    The bridge
  • nut nut
    The bone nut
  • routed out routed out
    Routed out for electrics
  • pickups and knobs pickups and knobs
    Pickups and Knobs, with pickguard & fingerboard fitted
  • tuners tuners
    The head with tuners fitted
  • finished guitar finished guitar
    Ready to slide!

This is tuned to C6. Sounds lovely & a joy to play.

projectsPROJECT #2: Once the lap-steel was completed, the next project was to try & turn an (unplayable) Hohner 12-string into a 6-string lap-guitar tuned to A6.
  • 12-string 12-string
    Unplayable 12-string guitar with a high action, loose braces, a crack in the back & a buckled scratch-plate
  • clamp clamp
    Home-made clamp for fixing a crack in the back of the guitar
  • collet collet
    Inside the guitar, the tie-block is tightened by the clamp against the cleat which glues the crack
  • Bridge-Doctor Bridge-Doctor
    There's a lot of tension from slide-guitar strings. This is a home-made "bridge doctor", made from a piece of lightweight poplar
  • Bridge-Doctor(fitted) Bridge-Doctor(fitted)
    Inside the guitar, the bridge-doctor is screwed to the bridge and the dowel is tightened against the end-block. This prevents movement in the top
  • ebony nut ebony nut
    Ebony nut fitted & strings tuned to pitch
  • finished guitar finished guitar
    6-string lap-guitar, ready to slide!

Nice to have a slide guitar that just hangs on the wall and can be grabbed and used for jamming along to anything...