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South Dakota
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The Mandolin Jack Experience

Mandolin Jack is a songwriter and musician from London. His style is a distillation of a lifetime's love of roots music, including Americana, folk, country, blues and bluegrass.

Sheffield Live radio station"Mandolin Jack is a proper songwriter, singer, and most importantly, performer! I hope he gets back to Sheffield soon." Harry Welburn, Steel & Wire @ Sheffield Live

Down By The Riverside"With a voice like amber, his music tells tales of life from a guy who has lived it. One of the best mandolin players in the UK today, Jack regularly tours the US and has played with some of the greats at festivals and bars across North America - simply superb music that tells it straight." Down By The Riverside @BlueGrassStaines

songwritersCircle Twickenham"Just been listening to your songs. Steve Earle isn't writing any's just luck and timing! Really like your style" Gavin Sweeney, The Twickenham Songwriters Circle

mike harding RADIO"Lonesome Road - a cracking EP which I urge you to go and get hold of ... damn good stuff" The Mike Harding Folk Show

UPDATE: There's a new track "Dancing In The Devil's Shoes" released as a video on YouTube (see here: MJ MUSIC) with the track downloadable on BANDCAMP which includes high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and more - and there's also a selection (ever expanding) on SPOTIFY
Dancing in the devil's shoes